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Working with the web since 1993, Christopher Schmitt directs, Inc., a small new media publishing and design firm. The author of several books, including CSS Cookbook and Photoshop in 10 Simple Steps or Less, Schmitt is also a contributor to many web development magazines.


History of Web Color Names

October 23, 2014

Where do web color names come from? Alex Sexton breaks down how web colors got their names.

The named colors come from the X11 color (or more specficially, X10R3) back in 1983, in a file named rgb.txt. A list that started out with just 69 entires, now has a lot more.

In this talk, he states:

  • CSS colors come from X11
  • X11 names came from a box of crayons
  • Colors where originally calibrated based on Paul R. HP monitor
  • A lot of the names suck and are terribly inconsistent
  • And some of them are potentially racist (indian red, navajo white, peru)
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